Friday, November 20, 2009

Oscar Season 2010

So 'tis the season!

For the Christmas fanatic, it's time to obsess about wish lists, last minute sales, airline bookings, Canada Post deadlines, party plans and Christmas concerts. I'm doing a little bit of that myself, being both a fan of the festivities, and a member of an enormous family.

But it's also a perfect time of year to begin a movie review blog. After several months of film drivel, we can begin to look forward to some real reels. Already, a few contenders have crept through theaters, whetting the appetites of those who cannot abide the mindless money makers and simply crave a good story with some authentic acting.

So for the next three months or so, until the Academy Awards are presented, I will see as many potential contenders as possible and review them here. I have learned that few things assist better in surviving the annual Seasonal Affective Disorder than frequent escapes to a popcorn-fragranced, darkened room in the company of other stranger-lovers, sharing a passion for plot and climax and role-immersion.

Please feel completely liberated to respond to my ramblings with your own... as long as you can handle a feisty comeback.

Let the reels begin!

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