Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Away We Go

Away We Go was released in Canada on June 26, 2009. The director is the accomplished Sam Mendes, and he is the most notable name associated with this flick. If you are a fan of The Office, you will recognize John Krasinski in the lead role. No one else to mention in this baby.

So the scoop is thus. Bert and Verona are having a baby. They have not exactly been the responsible pair who has built the perfect scene for a child to enter. So they start visiting old friends and relatives, looking for the perfect place to have their child. Their encounters along the way are just priceless. I still snicker at the stroller scene. Interspersed with absolute hilarity are some really poignant life insights that bring sweetness to your amused smile.

This is not likely significant Oscar material. Some have criticized the screenplay, but I thought it was just brilliant. If it gets a nod anywhere, it may be in that category. The Directing was sharp, but not contention worthy.

Away We Go was great. No one will be talking about it in 20 years, but it will be 90 enjoyable minutes for you.


  1. I have read many conflicting reviews regarding this film. Seems people either love it or hate it. I may have to finally rent this film over the weekend.

  2. It's the kind of film you really need to be paying attention to... otherwise the subtle humor can be easily missed. Enjoy.