Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Complicated

It's Complicated was released in Canada on December 25, 2009. The cast in this baby is stellar. The marvelous Meryl Streep is the lead, accompanied by Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin, as well as John Krasinski from The Office. Nancy Meyers is the writer and director, and we know her from a long list of romantic comedies.

The plot of this one is not especially complicated really. Streep and Baldwin are divorced parents of three adult children, who meet up at their son's college graduation. Baldwin left the marriage 10 years ago for a much younger woman, but has since learned that not all that glitters is gold. An affair follows, while at the same time Streep develops a relationship with her architect, covered by Martin. The film is about mature adults coming to understand themselves, finding love and passion, and learning to do so in a mature fashion.

So what's the big deal about It's Complicated? Well, essentially Meryl showed up. While the Globes nominated it for Screenplay, Actress and Best Picture (Comedy or Musical), it's unlikely Oscar favour will be as forthcoming. The screenplay was good, but I wouldn't say brilliant. In fact, this may be an example of how casting can make or break an average film. Streep was potent as usual, delivering a fully convincing performance as mother, divorcee, conflicted mistress, business woman, and aging sexual being. Some of her lines were nailed with such finesse that an otherwise unnoted screenplay became more emphatic about its place in a nomination pool. I usually can't stand Alec Baldwin, but he was great in this, and it was refreshing to see Steve Martin perform after a few less than memorable efforts (see Pink Panther). It was worth the $10.99 to see Martin stoned and Streep dancing. These three make aging hot!

Definitely go see It's Complicated. Even if you are not part of the Meryl Streep cult (I secretly want to be her when I grow up), you will enjoy how this one is delivered. It's fun, it's sweet, and not without its thought-provoking moments. And whenever Meryl is around, Oscar is as nearby as an obsessed stalker.

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